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Looking Back At Computers In 1960


I admit that I did not own my first first computer until 1991 and even in the early 1990′s I affectionately refer to the 386SX-25 and CRT as boat anchors; they were huge, well so I thought. Who would have ever thought just 40-50 years ago that we would be walking around with a computer over our shoulder or even placed securely in a pocket? I’m sure not any of the folks in the following videos. Be sure to check out the Computer History Museum YouTube Channel for more history on computers. Now, this next video explains logic, rules, and … Continue reading

Microsoft Academic Software Discounts And Programs


If you’re currently a student pursuing your education in hopes of landing the job of your dreams then pay attention. Microsoft provides a number of wonderful programs that will help you to purchase much needed software such as Word that might otherwise be to expensive for you to purchase at you local computer store, obtain certifications, and even participate in a program that allows you access to development tools for free. If you’ve been in need of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Office products you may be surprised to learn that you can grab Office Professional Academic 2010 for a … Continue reading

Is Facebook’s Facial Recognition Going Too Far?


The facial recognition feature is technology you may take for granted when you upload images on Facebook. The point of view that I take is technology is only as good as those that use it. What am I saying you may ask? All technology has good and bad points and the individual behind the use of the technology makes the difference. For example, just because I have the freedom to publish my thoughts that does not give me the right to do so should it cause harm to another. Using common sense should always be the focal point and as … Continue reading

Easily Capture Streaming Media


Are you looking to add your favorite television show or movie to your collection? If so, then I have a solution that you may be interested in. Now it is important to say that I do not advocate violating copyright laws, so be sure what content you are interested in capturing is legal to do so. During my search for a product that would capture media content that I was interested in many came at a cost and did not allow a trial run. I for one typically do not pay up front for something that I am not entirely … Continue reading

The Fun And Sad Times Of A Software Developer’s Life


If you’re thinking of joining the ranks of developers’ let this be a warning to you. I will leave the decision up to you as to if you think becoming a developer is still a good idea after you watch the following videos. I can speak to my own experience that the life is a mixed bag of tricks and definitely has its ups and downs, but I would not trade it for anything in the world. Well except for maybe a promotion! Sadness Removing Barriers Fun Real Intelligence Working With Others Skilled Communications Life And Death Decisions As you … Continue reading