WordPress Tutorials and Tips: Part One


WordPress is an extremely powerful blogging platform and has a wide range of options to make it your own. In this entry I will list a number of resources for both new and seasoned users. Tips and Tutorials WordPress Install Process: A guide for installing WP. The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up WordPress after an Install : A 10 step guide that is essential to preform after any wordpress install including a list of 10 plug-ins that are a must for blogs of any type. The Power of WordPress Custom Fields : A must read for working with custom fields. Adding An Author Page To Your WordPress Blog : Due to the small number of WordPress blogs that have multiple authors, very few WordPress themes seem to come with a custom author page. Styling Your WordPress Comments : A fun part of customizing WordPress themes is designing a comments format which complements the rest of the site. Here are three examples from recent projects, including code samples and downloads. How to Use Thumbnails Generated by WordPress in Your Theme : A guide to working with WP-generated thumbnail images. How to Set Up Pretty Permalinks in WordPress : A guide to creating pretty permalinks …

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