Professional Developer Conference (PDC) 2009


Unfortunately I was not able to attend PDC2009 but I am keeping track with friends that I know who were as well I am keeping tabs on the speakers such as Scott Hanselman and Scott Davis,  via Twitter. Here are a number of topics that I find interesting and possibly you will also: Reactive Extions for .NET (Rx) ASP.NET MVC Beta 2 Windows Server AppFabric Windows Azure Tools and SDK Visual Studio .NET Functional Testing Open Data Protocol (OData) Be sure to visit Channel 9 and PDC2009 (which is streaming live) for further breaking news and for you folks in LA, keep the tweets a flowing. Update 18-NOV Microsoft Codename “Dallas” Microsoft Pinpoint Windows Identity Foundation Download Microsoft Sync Framework Power Pack for SQL Azure November CTP Download trials of Windows Server 2008 R2 and System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 Details SharePoint 2010 Public Beta is now available for download Microsoft Silverlight Media Framework

ASP.NET Tip: Creating and using a task list


If you properly employ the Task List and comment your code appropriately you can ensure that you to complete the important tasks and never again miss something that you intended to correct. The Task List displays comments embedded in your project code that begin with the comment marker for your development language, followed by a default task token such as TODO, HACK, or UNDONE, or a custom comment token. To add a comment to the Task List it is as easy as completing two steps: Open a source code file for editing in the Code Editor. Begin a comment on a line of code you want to mark with your task. The out of the box task identifiers are TODO, HACK, and UNDONE. By default, the task window is not visible, in order to make this window viewable click View -> Other Windows ->Task List or the use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+K) and in Visual Studio 2008 it is (Ctrl+W+T). Note: Grab my Visual Studio .NET 2005 Keyboard Shortcuts document as a quick reference. If you want to add your very own custom keywords then go to Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Task List and you will be presented with a list of the default keywords. You can …

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