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Microsoft MIX 2010: Day One


Thank goodness for the live broadcast and Channel9 for a seat from my home to see and hear exactly what is happening at #MIX10. There was a great deal of information provided by Scott Guthrie during the keynote address and I must say it looks like it will be an exciting year for Microsoft developers. The demonstrations and talks were dead on and it is really impressive how serious Microsoft is with the products this year. Just a few key points were: Silverlight market penetration is at 60% currently whereas last year it was at 45%. Windows Phone 7 Series … Continue reading

Microsoft MIX 2010


This week in Las Vegas, NV is the Mix 2010 conference and if you’re anything like me you were not able to make this event in person. In fact at the time I am writing this post I am sick and it is showing little sign of letting up. The next best thing to being there of course is watching Channel 9 Live at MIX10 – Who, What, When, and How!? So be sure not to miss this opportunity to tune in and see first hand what is going on. This should be a fun filled three days with a … Continue reading

Google SideWiki: Good or Bad

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Have you heard of this Wiki from Google? I had not and thought I would look a little closer at this product as it initially looked very intriguing to me. This wiki allows anyone to to comment on content as they bounce around on the internet which sounds like a great way to enhance discussions on a given topic but what control do you actually have over the comments being made? Unlike the measures you may have put into place on your own website to control and monitor readers comments this wiki does not allow you a mechanism to block … Continue reading

.NET Performance Counters


Recently while catching up on technical reading I ran across the subject of performance counters. I must admit that I had not looked closely at this subject in the past and thought it was time to do so. If you are not sure what performance counters are and what they provide simply put they have the ability to monitor system components such as processors, memory, and network I/O traffic. If you use performance counters in your application, they can publish performance-related data to compare them against acceptable criteria. Why would anyone want to do this? Well should you find yourself … Continue reading

Office Ribbon Hero


Are you a ribbon hero? Want to be one? Do you have no idea what I am speaking of? If you’re a casual gamer or a die hard then you may enjoy Ribbon Hero which is a game for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel 2007 and 2010. While it is not Halo for the XBox, it is a way that you can challenge your Office Suite colleges who think they know it all. If you do not have Office 2010 then you can download the beta here. Before you get started you may want to check out the following video. There … Continue reading

PowerGUI Is A Graphical Interface For PowerShell


If you have been wanting to look at PowerShell and do not relish the idea of working with the command prompt have no fear. The fine folks at Quest Software have you covered with PowerGUI, a graphical user interface and script editor for Microsoft Windows PowerShell! The beauty of this product is not simply the graphical interface but combine this with the community support, support for multiple languages, and the powerpacks then you have a robust tool that can potentially make you daily activities with PowerShell much more simplified. What are powerpacks you may ask? Well simply put they are … Continue reading

Microsoft Certified Professional Training


A Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification would be one area where you can set yourself about your peers as a Microsoft professional. A variety of IT fields may become available as an individual seeks the schooling and training necessary to obtain a MCP certificate. There are a number of different ways that you can go about obtaining this piece of paper. I know the opinions vary widely when it comes to the subject of certifications and many individuals are under the opinions that certificates do not hold the same value as they once did. My opinion is any education and … Continue reading