How To Process JSON With C# and JQuery

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JavaScript Object Notation affectionately known as JSON is a wonderful way to deliver content to the browser in a lightweight method that can both save on bandwidth and reduce page weight. Who doesn’t like the idea of performance improvements? In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to make a call to a SQL Server database […]

Understanding SMTP Status Codes

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Many programmers take processing email as one of those actions that is easily implemented and rarely fails. If you have not read my earlier post How-to: Easily Sent Emails With .NET you want to review this example. One would greatly benefit from understanding the status code result from the attempt to process emails and the […]

ASP.NET Tip: Creating and using a task list

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If you properly employ the Task List and comment your code appropriately you can ensure that you to complete the important tasks and never again miss something that you intended to correct. The Task List displays comments embedded in your project code that begin with the comment marker for your development language, followed by a default task token […]