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8 Week Self Study Bootcamp for Security Professionals


It is important from time to time that we all revisit terminology. For this reason I have put together the following resources in the hopes of learning something new or at the very least bringing back things that we all have learned in years past. In the course of looking for material, I found a number of wonderful lectures from MIT and other various resources. Each of this lectures are licensed under the Creative Commons license. Each week is made up of related categories and there are typically anywhere from one to four topics for review. In the event you … Continue reading

January 2012 BITS Software Assurance Framework


If you have not yet heard of this framework, I urge you to take the time to give it a serious read. While the executive summary talks to how software is critical to the financial industry the truth is this is true for all aspects of business today. There are a number of interesting points made in this document and for those of you in the software industry it should make you pause for a moment and reflect on your own process. The points are so fundamental that I am alarmed at just how many companies turn a blind eye … Continue reading

Wallpaper Gallery Two

January 20, 2012 by Steven Swafford | 0 comments

Well here it is Friday and after a long hard week of work what better way to slip into the weekend than sharing this month’s round of wallpapers? I hope you find these entertaining and be sure to check out the post titled Wallpaper Gallery One if you missed that collection of wallpapers.


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Stop Online Piracy Act And The Future Of Internet Freedom


I thought it was time that I sat down and put to paper so to speak my thoughts about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). For those of you that know me personally know that I am not a fan of SOPA for many of the reasons that other individuals as well as large technology companies have stated. In short SOPA is entirely to vague and leaves the door open for entirely a nanny state which I am sure you agree will kill the Internet freedoms we enjoy today. SOPA “explained” by Guardian Opinion Time I must say that there … Continue reading

Wallpaper Gallery One

November 22, 2011 by Steven Swafford | 0 comments

Wallpaper (also desktop picture and desktop background) is an image used as a background of a graphical user interface on a computer screen or mobile communications device. On a computer it is usually for the desktop, while for a mobile phone it is usually the background for the ‘home’ or ‘idle’ screen. Though most devices comes with a default picture, the user can usually change it to a file of their choosing. Each month I will post some of my favorite wallpapers for others to enjoy.


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Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011


The internet can be a dangerous place in the hands of people who wish to do no good but does that mean everyone is to be monitored? In May of 2011 a bill was introduced to amend title 18, United States Code, with respect to child pornography and child exploitation offenses. On the surface, this bill sounds as if it addresses a problem concerning the exploitation of children but it goes much further and opens the door to a number of privacy and security concerns. The Gate Keeper In essence, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is tasked to maintain eighteen … Continue reading

OWASP Application Security Tutorials


Application security encompasses measures taken throughout the application’s life-cycle to prevent exceptions in the security policy of an application or the underlying system through flaws in the design, development, deployment, upgrade, or maintenance of the application.  Applications only control the use of resources granted to them, and not which resources are granted to them. They, in turn, determine the use of these resources by users of the application through application security. Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) updates on the latest threats which impair web based applications. This aids developers, security testers and architects to focus on better design and … Continue reading