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The 2nd Generation Nest Thermostat Replaces My Outdated Thermostat


I finally decided some time ago to replace the original thermostat that was installed when my house was built with the2nd Generation Nest Thermostat. I must say that I waited for the second generation and the idea of spending $249.00 for a thermostat was not easy to swallow, but if all of the reviews that I have read are true then I expect with one year I will have recovered the cost of the thermostat and at that point the monthly savings will be money in my pocket. First let me say that the installation was much simpler than I … Continue reading

Product Review: AndroXplorer

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AndroXplorer is an essential application for everyone who owns an Android device. Its natural process is the way for Android users to explore folders and files proficiently. While there are numerous file explorers on the market today each falls short in its own way when it comes to measuring up to AndroXplorer. The fine folks at the AndroXplorer has graciously provided five FREE licenses of AndroXplorer v3, just continue reading for details on how to win. Editions There are two versions available and depending upon your needs they provide two very different feature sets. Version 2 is the free light … Continue reading

Must Have Political And News Android Applications


If you’re looking for that app that keeps you connected to the daily news and events that occur in real time then the following applications you may find very beneficial. This is a list of apps that I personally use on a daily basis however, there are one or two that I uninstalled for reasons that I will not go into at this time. The Android phones, which are growing in market share and supported apps, can be host to several politically-driven mobile apps which can help you stay on top of the news and know exactly what is happening … Continue reading