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The 2nd Generation Nest Thermostat Replaces My Outdated Thermostat


I finally decided some time ago to replace the original thermostat that was installed when my house was built with the2nd Generation Nest Thermostat. I must say that I waited for the second generation and the idea of spending $249.00 for a thermostat was not easy to swallow, but if all of the reviews that I have read are true then I expect with one year I will have recovered the cost of the thermostat and at that point the monthly savings will be money in my pocket. First let me say that the installation was much simpler than I … Continue reading

Learning BackTrack 5: The Art Of Penetration Testing


BackTrack is an absolutely amazing Linux based penetration testing environment that is entirely dedicated to hacking. I must say that you should use common sense when you begin digging into the security tools provided because the last thing you want to do is break the law and find yourself in trouble. Now to say that there are many security tools available in BackTrack would be an understatement. In fact there is so many available that I would never start to list theme here. If you wish to see for yourself, simply execute the following within your terminal instance: dpkg –list … Continue reading

Stop Online Piracy Act And The Future Of Internet Freedom


I thought it was time that I sat down and put to paper so to speak my thoughts about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). For those of you that know me personally know that I am not a fan of SOPA for many of the reasons that other individuals as well as large technology companies have stated. In short SOPA is entirely to vague and leaves the door open for entirely a nanny state which I am sure you agree will kill the Internet freedoms we enjoy today. SOPA “explained” by Guardian Opinion Time I must say that there … Continue reading

Secure Development Series: Input Validation


Many websites today collect data from the user community which includes but not limited to an email address, address, or even a phone number. The single golden rule everyone must follow is never trust the data input. In order to mitigate the risk to ensure that the data received and processed by your application is acceptable you must first define what data your application should accept, what its syntax should be and the minimum and maximum lengths. This information will allow you to define a set of “acceptable” values for every entry data point that is captured. Foundation of Security Authentication: Addresses the question: who are you? … Continue reading

Financial Industry Modern Day Privacy Policies


Financial Privacy & Electronic Commerce: Who’s In My Business, this is the question. The financial industry whether banking, investments, or credit card services face an ever changing landscape when it comes to privacy and if they are to safeguard themselves and their consumers a proper plan must be implemented. There are a number of challenges surrounding privacy in terms of data protection, consumer confidence, supplier partnerships, and of course laws and regulations. The financial industry is particularly at risk because of the nature of business as well as the utter amount of transactions and the sizable customer base. Not only … Continue reading

Computer Security: The Rights Of A Computer User


In terms of ownership of your very own computer system, where do you believe the line is to be drawn when it comes to software and services being installed? For example, if you install a product should that vendor have the rights to install and execute third party services either with or without your consent? The reason I am asking this question is because Scott Hanselman recently wrote about a service he noticed running on his system named “netsession_win.exe” and he was not entirely positive where it came from. I understand why a vendor would use third party products within … Continue reading