Stop Online Piracy Act And The Future Of Internet Freedom

I thought it was time that I sat down and put to paper so to speak my thoughts about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). For those of you that know me personally know that I am not a fan of SOPA for many of the reasons that other individuals as well as large technology companies have stated. In short SOPA is entirely to vague and leaves the door open for entirely a nanny state which I am sure you agree will kill the Internet freedoms we enjoy today.

SOPA “explained” by Guardian

Opinion Time

I must say that there are pros and cons that go along with SOPA and of course piracy is a problem and the internet of course helps to enable piracy but the answer is not SOPA in it’s current form. In fact according to ChadRocco, Rep. Lamar Smith refuses to take the concerns and complaints seriously.

Lamar Smith Can't Hear You Art

There are many companies that have voiced opposition to SOPA and the list continues to grow each day. If you wish to see for yourself those who oppose SOPA, the Center for Democracy and Technology has compiled a list that you may want to review to understand the heavyweights who are behind this opposition. Also if you have the time, you will find some very interesting reading with the letters to Congress over SOPA.

So again I believe SOPA is a very bad idea in it’s current stage and like so many other bills surrounding technology that come out of Congress, I fell that Rep. Smith may mean well must one must ask the question is he doing this for the right reasons and does he truly understand the scope of the problem? I think not and in August 2011 another bill at Congress titled Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011 sounds good on the surface but this bill also presents problems in my mind.


Watch the following video and if you pay attention to the people in the background are uses their tablets and mobile phone while someone is reading the language of the proposed law which reinforces my opion that those involved not only do not understand the technology but choose not to listen when it is being spoken to.

In closing, I leave you with the following question. Is Congress equipped to address and enable laws around piracy to a level that will satisfy the supporters of SOPA without killing the Internet as we know it today? In fact, is the author of SOPA a copyright violator himself?

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