Microsoft Academic Software Discounts And Programs

If you’re currently a student pursuing your education in hopes of landing the job of your dreams then pay attention. Microsoft provides a number of wonderful programs that will help you to purchase much needed software such as Word that might otherwise be to expensive for you to purchase at you local computer store, obtain certifications, and even participate in a program that allows you access to development tools for free.

If you’ve been in need of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Office products you may be surprised to learn that you can grab Office Professional Academic 2010 for a cost of only $79.95. Other great savings include Microsoft Office for the Mac at $99.95 and Windows 7 Pro Upgrade for $64.95.

Microsoft even provides discounts on technologies related to their products in the form of Certification Exams. Not a bad deal if you ask me. This is a great opportunity to reinforce your education with a certification which will help to set you apart from your peers. for example, If you plan to get a job in IT after school, getting a Microsoft Certification will help improve your resume by differentiating you from others competing for the same jobs. To help you get started, Microsoft offers the following benefits:

  • A free Exam Retake offer. If you do not pass your Microsoft Certification exam in the student series (exams that have a 72 prefix) on your first try, you can retake the exam at no additional cost!
  • Up to 55 percent savings on Microsoft Certification exams.

If you’re a current university or high school student, you can download professional Microsoft developer, designer, and gaming software through DreamSpark at no charge. Yes, students get to download software at no charge. DreamSpark enables students, like you, to download and use Microsoft tools to unlock your creative potential and set you on the path to academic and career success by advancing your learning in the areas of technical design, technology, math, science, and engineering! It doesn’t matter what classes you’re taking right now, just as long as you’re a current student in a verified, accredited School and use the tools in pursuit of advancing your education. If you have not heard of this program Bill Gates started this program in 2008 and being that Microsoft has continued this program into it’s third year, I believe demonstrates their dedication to students.

Be sure to check out the Microsoft Student Experience, Student Lounge, Imagine Cup, and DreamSpark. Bottom line is if you’re a student and your looking for a career with Microsoft or just working with Microsoft technologies, do not miss any of the opportunities.

Good luck in your educational goals and I hope one day to see you working with Microsoft technologies should that be your goal.

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