Looking Back At Computers In 1960

I admit that I did not own my first first computer until 1991 and even in the early 1990’s I affectionately refer to the 386SX-25 and CRT as boat anchors; they were huge, well so I thought. Who would have ever thought just 40-50 years ago that we would be walking around with a computer over our shoulder or even placed securely in a pocket? I’m sure not any of the folks in the following videos. Be sure to check out the Computer History Museum YouTube Channel for more history on computers.

Now, this next video explains logic, rules, and validation. While the video was originally produced in 1965, there is still a great deal of modern day facts that still hold true.

I can only imagine what they early pioneers of computing must have felt like. It make one wonder what computers will be like in another 40-50 years.

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