How To Use ScreenFlow To Capture Netflix Streaming Media

First things first, I am not advocating violating copyright laws and you should clearly understand the Digital Millennium Copyright Act surrounding digital media before you try capturing media. Previously I wrote about How to Backup DVDs with Handbrake and this article is very different in nature. Because you do not own the content that you wish to capture you will likely find yourself in a legal battle should you distribute such content. That being said since I am a paying NetFlix subscriber there are often times that I may be traveling and I don’t have access to the internet. Because of this fact I thought to myself there must be a way to capture that movie or television show and play it on my iPad and then ultimately deleting the media once I have watched it.

In the past few months I have begun using my MacBook Pro more and more and when it comes to digital media and software associated in this area I feel nothing performs better than the Mac Operating System. Case in point is ScreenFlow which is a professional screencasting studio. Just stop and think about it for a moment and I am sure you will begin to understand just how simple it is to capture streaming media.

Recording NetFlix Streaming Media with ScreenFlow on a Mac

  • Grab ScreenFlow, a screen video capture software for Mac.
  • Launch ScreenFlow for Mac and the following dialog window will appear:

screenflow dialog

  • When you finish your recording, press command-shift-2 to stop recording. ScreenFlow will create a new video files with the recording.
  • Press Command-E or select “Export” from the File menu to export your recorded video:

screenflow export recording dialog

The end result is a high quality recording, grab ScreenFlow and see for yourself.

Update, I just ran across an article titled Media Converter for OS X is the Simplest Drag-And-Drop Video Converter Around where Whitson Gordon says, “If you need to convert a video for your iPod, a DVD, or even just rip the audio out of a movie, free app Media Converter will do it with just a quick drag-and-drop.”

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