Product Review: Devart dbForge Schema Compare

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Database change management provides a set of tools which make the process of propagating database schema and data changes to multiple environments effortless. The problem that Database Change Management is attempting to solve: Most significant business applications rely on at least one relational database for persisting data As new features are developed, database schema changes […]

Product Review: AndroXplorer

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AndroXplorer is an essential application for everyone who owns an Android device. Its natural process is the way for Android users to explore folders and files proficiently. While there are numerous file explorers on the market today each falls short in its own way when it comes to measuring up to AndroXplorer. The fine folks […]

Product Review: Diskeeper 2010

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Listen up, if you own a computer, then I want to share a problem that everyone encounters and fortunately the solution is easy and cost effective. The problem is hard disk fragmentation which is a one of the major causes of performance bottlenecks. Fragmentation may result in crashes, slowdowns, freeze-ups and even total system failures; […]