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The State Of Web Application Security


This week I officially start my Master Degree in CyberSecurity with the University of Maryland and I have become more and more interested in security from the point of view of application development over the last year. If you stop and think about current web applications and how they differ than just 15 years ago you will find that it is has progressed extremely fast. I recall in the mid 1990′s creating my first web site on GeoCities and I must say the norm was basic and extremely ugly. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the Yet Another … Continue reading

Creating Charts With Microsoft Chart Controls


There is no shortage of charting controls for the Microsoft .NET framework and while many do a great job, they may be overkill and costly to any project. If you’re not familiar with the Microsoft Chart Controls then you may find that you’re in for a pleasant surprise for two reasons; They are free Quickly render charts Quick Walkthrough My purpose here is simple and to the point. I want to demonstrate just how easy it is to return a chart to the end user. In this case I will be using an XML data source rather than a database … Continue reading