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Is Facebook’s Facial Recognition Going Too Far?


The facial recognition feature is technology you may take for granted when you upload images on Facebook. The point of view that I take is technology is only as good as those that use it. What am I saying you may ask? All technology has good and bad points and the individual behind the use of the technology makes the difference. For example, just because I have the freedom to publish my thoughts that does not give me the right to do so should it cause harm to another. Using common sense should always be the focal point and as … Continue reading

Running Win7 On MacBook Pro With Parallels Desktop 6 Or VMware Fusion3


Today I want to take about my experience with Parallels Desktop 6. Just a few short days ago upon purchasing a MacBook Pro, I installed VirtualBox in order to run Windows 7 and the development tools that I need to do my job. While VirtualBox worked, it just seemed a little clunky in my opinion. My biggest complaint was full screen mode well was not entirely full screen. Other than this issue everything else seemed to operate as I expected, but it just was not an ideal solution for me. What I was really seeking was the experience that I … Continue reading

Screen Capture Tips In OSX


Today begins my first post concerning the Apple MacBook Pro and OSX. For those that know me personally, it is no secret that I am a Windows fan and a .NET developer, but recently I was looking to purchase a new laptop and I decided upon the MacBook Pro with the i7 Intel processor and I am extremely happy with this laptop so far. In preparation on getting Windows 7 installed in a virtual instance on my Mac I needed the to perform screen captures for a future post and while these tips most likely are not new to many … Continue reading