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Sending Emails Via A Windows Service


Should you require a mechanism to process email notifications either as a service on its own or to compliment a web site you may find this tutorial just to be exactly what you are seeking. There are a number of approaches you could take such as HTTP Modules, but here I am going to focus on a Windows based service. Assume you have some type of data store that maintains your user details and you wish to notify these users of a given action they they need to take or possibly sending out newsletter, product alerts, or more. A Windows … Continue reading

Create A Polaroid Style Photo Gallery With CSS


Creating a simple Polaroid style gallery is much easier than you many think just using CSS and HTML. For the purpose of this example, I must say that the gallery works best with a small number of pictures. Basically you could add a high volume of pictures, but you will need to modify the CSS to account for the volume you want to work with. In my example I have six photos in order to best demonstrate the concept. If you’re just starting with CSS then be sure to check out the WC3 Cascading Style Sheets reference and you may … Continue reading

Easily Capture Streaming Media


Are you looking to add your favorite television show or movie to your collection? If so, then I have a solution that you may be interested in. Now it is important to say that I do not advocate violating copyright laws, so be sure what content you are interested in capturing is legal to do so. During my search for a product that would capture media content that I was interested in many came at a cost and did not allow a trial run. I for one typically do not pay up front for something that I am not entirely … Continue reading

VMware Player Makes It Possible To Stand Up Sandboxes


As a software engineer I find that I want the capability to run several operating systems such as Windows XP , Windows 7 , Windows Server 2008, Ubuntu and others. The problems from my point of view is I do not want to dual boot into any operating system and I want to keep my primary host operating system as clean as possible. Typically I use my host operating system for task such as email, document generation, and web browsing. By doing so, I am able to prevent many issues that could arise from installing the latest and greatest software … Continue reading

Free Windows Active Directory Tools


An Active Directory structure is a hierarchical framework of objects. The objects fall into two broad categories: resources and security principals (user or computer accounts and groups). Security principals are Active Directory objects that are assigned unique security identifiers (SIDs) used to control access and set security. Each object represents a single entity — whether a user, a computer, a printer, or a group — and its attributes. Certain objects can also be containers of other objects. An object is uniquely identified by its name and has a set of attributes — the characteristics and information that the object can … Continue reading