Accessibility resources: week of 20 August 2010


This week I felt it was important to address a topic that I am passionate about and that I have not discussed in the past. Accessibility is extremely important in the terms of providing a good or service such as a website, audio, and video just to name a few. I have always been interested in finding solutions in this area that can greatly reduce barriers for those individuals who struggle with a disability. The following resources I hope you find useful and if you also are passionate in this area why not drop a comment and share your own thoughts and tips? WebAIM Screen Reader Simulation WebAIM WCAG 2.0 Checklist Wave: Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool FireFox Accessibility Extension YouTube Captions and Subtitles Accessible Twitter Guidelines for Accessible E-text Adobe presents video tutorials on PDF Accessibility Accessibility Basics: Making Websites Useful For More People Yahoo Accessibility AJAX and the Problem of Web Accessibility Making PDF Files Accessible A One Stop Shop on Accessibility Now that I have laid the groundwork and hopefully raised you curiosity I hope to be adding articles on the subject of accessibility in the near future.