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The Microsoft Community Roundup


If you’re a Microsoft end user no matter if it is as a developer, consumer, or administrator then you may find this interesting. Are you looking for resources that can increase you knowledge or looking to find an answer to a question that you may have? If so, I will present a number of resources that you may or may not be aware of. While each resource may deal with a specific topic others may pertain to Microsoft products in general. I work as a software engineer therefore my interest mainly resides within the area of development, but I will … Continue reading

April 2010 JQuery Goodness Roundup


Here it is April and that means it is time for another roundup of jQuery plugins that will greatly assist you in making short work of your development efforts while at the same time pleasing the end user. I have noticed that there are quite a few of new jQuery plugins out there and they really caught my attention as well as the proven older plugins that I have found useful. If you have a favorite plugin why not leave a comment and share wit the community? TextBoxes and DropDowns FlexBox (CodePlex) JQuery DropDown Drag and Drop JQuery List DragSort … Continue reading

Secure Code With The Microsoft Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library


Recently I attended a Security Development Lifecycle training course in Dallas, Texas and I must admit while I was aware of many vulnerabilities in web applications, I learned just how easy it is to do some real damage if software engineers don’t fully understand the implications they face when developing a web application. In fact, while I was researching statistics on this topic I ran across a statistic that stated applications today contain more security flaws themselves than the operating system that they run on. Now stop and think about this for a moment. Typically companies do everything in their … Continue reading