Win A Microsoft Surface Table


I recall when Microsoft Surface was first unveiled and I must admit I would love to have one of these sitting in my home? If you feel the same way then now is your chance to win one! The Microsoft Surface is a 30-inch tabletop multi-touch display that uses a camera-based vision system to interact with objects placed on its screen and lets users grab and move digital content with simple hand gestures and touches. The Surface developer kit includes the Microsoft Surface SDK SP1, Windows Vista Business (SP1), and all other software required to develop and test Microsoft Surface …

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Twitter Tips, Tricks, and Tweets

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I must admit that I was a late adopter of Twitter and now I find myself hooked and find a great number of everyday uses. If you have not purchased Twitter Tips, Tricks, and Tweets then you really should consider making this purchase in order to get much more use out of Twitter. Twitter is a very simple but very powerful means of communication. A couple of immediate things that you should do to brand your Twitter profile is to establish a picture and theme. To set up you picture perform the following: Sign in to your Twitter account. Click Settings. …

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