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LearnVisualStudio.NET Three Day Thirty Percent Off Sale


Beginning October 28th, Learn Visual Studio .NET is launching a big “3 Day” 30% off sale for all subscriptions. If you’re not familiar with this site then you are missing out on a great resource! If you’re looking for tutorials on VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, and more then you will find this resource a must have. Here are just a handful of series subjects: LINQ to SQL Differences between WPF and Windows Forms Hands on ASP.NET MVC and so much more… If you are still not sure, then give this video tour a look and then secure your membership today. Remember … Continue reading

Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2009


As I indicated in my tweet a few days back my career is making a change for the better. I will be attending SPC 2009 in Las Vegas next week and I would like to be able to meet up with others who I have spoken with over the years within the .NET community. Should you also be attending please contact me and arrange a face to face meet. Here are a handful of the sessions I will be attending. Overview of the SharePoint Developer Platform Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Development Tools Overview Advanced Reporting Design Techniques and Capabilities SharePoint … Continue reading

Department Of Defense Collaborative Community


As a prior DoD contractor I was surprised when I learned of Forge.mil and in a good way. I has been a number of years since I worked at the┬áDefense Information Systems Agency (DISA) as well as a Department of Defense (DoD) contractor for the United States Air Force and I must say times are a changing. It seems that Forge.mil is based upon open source and I can only say I think it is long overdue for this type of adoption of software. Now I am sure that an extensive process went into the thought behind this initiative and … Continue reading

Secure Your Data With Bitlocker


Chances are you have an external drive of some type that you store data on and in most cases this data could be sensitive or even a laptop and the last thing you want to happen is for the data to fall into the wrong hands. Security is an aspect that everyone must be aware of and how best to secure their data and assets. Microsoft introduced Bitlocker during the Windows Vista era and of course it is also found in Windows 7. This tool can greatly provide yourself piece of mind that in the case you data does fall … Continue reading

Peeking Under The Hood Of The .NET Framework


Have you ever take the time to really look at the .NET Framework and what it all really means? There is so much more than simply installing the framework and firing up Visual Studio .NET and turning out code. I admit while I was aware of a few key areas I realized just how much I did not know about what was really going on behind the scenes. I realize one may argue that a developer may not have to understand what entities and actions are occurring under the hood but I have to disagree. Knowledge is power and demonstrating … Continue reading