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SiteMinder Versus Custom Code


The benefits of using a Single Sign-On system are endless. User-rights are tightly integrated with user and company policies and these policies are all centralized in data center or such within a given organization. Users have only one identity (user IDs and Passwords) to maintain. Companies have the feeling of security that all the entry points to a number of applications and data are secured in the LDAP Directory which controls the company’s user and password-policy. Now that Single Sing-On has been defined and the positives aspects have been discussed what are your options when it comes to Single Sing-On web applications. I will discuss two … Continue reading

Microsoft Certifications


During my career as a Software Engineer (SE) I have never took the time to obtain any Microsoft Certification what so ever. I am curious what others in this field think about certifications in general. I have been a SE for fourteen years now and while I do not claim to be an expert and I am always learning with each passing day. I just never had the desire to obtain a certification which I always felt said “look at me, I passed a written test” so I must know what I am doing. Now, I am not saying certifications provide no … Continue reading

The Life And Times Of A Software Developer


Today I was reading the article Programming Sucks! Or At Least, It Ought To from The Daily WTF and Programming: Love It or Leave It from Coding Horror and this got me to thinking about the pros and cons of software development. I am sure that there a great number of you out there that one time or another found yourself having to make due with the tools and equipment you have knowing all to well that you could perform you just much better if management would just invest money to make money. Now I admit that I am not … Continue reading

Understanding SMTP Status Codes


Many programmers take processing email as one of those actions that is easily implemented and rarely fails. If you have not read my earlier post How-to: Easily Sent Emails With .NET you want to review this example. One would greatly benefit from understanding the status code result from the attempt to process emails and the .NET framework provides the tools you need to successfully perform this exact task. The System.Net.Mail Namespace provides the SmtpStatusCode Enumeration which will provide a fine level of detail to the programmer thus allowing for better informed decisions. For example, assume that you have a requirement … Continue reading

Scott Hansleman Provides A Step-By-Step: How To “Upgrade” from Windows XP to Windows 7


At The time of this post I have not purchased Windows 7 yet and the only reason I have not is there is rumor that Microsoft may be lowering the price for a limited time. I am simply sitting on the sidelines to see if there is any truth to this matter. The rumors of the potential price drop comes from Apple’s release of Snow Leopard in September 2009 at a cost of $29.00 for an upgrade. If you have any XP systems that you want to upgrade, then Scott has a very detailed write-up on how one may upgrade from XP to Win7. You’ve … Continue reading

Interview With Steve Smith


Full Name: Steve Smith URLs: http://stevesmithblog.com http://theregion.com/profile.aspx?rd=1322 http://lakequincy.com http://aspalliance.com Steven: For those who may not know who you are can you please introduce yourself and describe you role at ASPAlliance and Lake Quincy Media? Steve: I run ASPAlliance.com , which I inherited from the founder in 1999 and have owned and operated ever since.  I collaborated with other similar developer sites in 2001 to start the ASPAlliance Ad Network, which initially had about 8 web sites.  This network grew to the point where it became a full time job for several people to operate it.  In 2005, we established a … Continue reading