SiteMinder Versus Custom Code

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The benefits of using a Single Sign-On system are endless. User-rights are tightly integrated with user and company policies and these policies are all centralized in data center or such within a given organization. Users have only one identity (user IDs and Passwords) to maintain. Companies have the feeling of security that all the entry points to a number […]

Microsoft Certifications

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During my career as a Software Engineer (SE) I have never took the time to obtain any Microsoft Certification what so ever. I am curious what others in this field think about certifications in general. I have been a SE for fourteen years now and while I do not claim to be an expert and I am […]

Understanding SMTP Status Codes

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Many programmers take processing email as one of those actions that is easily implemented and rarely fails. If you have not read my earlier post How-to: Easily Sent Emails With .NET you want to review this example. One would greatly benefit from understanding the status code result from the attempt to process emails and the […]