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10 Plugins For WordPress To Help Administrative Duties

If you are you are either new to WordPress or a long time user be sure to check out the following plug-ins that can greatly cut down on you time spent in administrative task while at the same time help you to make money from you blog and track a wealth of information. These are just a few that I am aware of and while some are better than others only you can determine what works best in your case. As each person has different opinions what are your favorite plug-ins and why? Drop a comment and share with others any tips that you may have.

Admin Plug-ins

  1. Custom Login Page: Change the default WordPress login screen to a customized version. Great for client projects.
  2. WordPress Dashboard Editor: Change the default information on your WordPress dashboard screen. You can remove everything, add anything and then some – you will be able to completely customize the dashboard – even edit it based on user level.
  3. Wp-SimpleCode: For those of us who use HTML markup code examples in our posts this plugin automatically takes standard markup and processes it for use within code examples.
  4. WordPress Search and Replace: Allows you to search your posts and pages and replace information automatically.

Advertising Plug-ins

  1. Text Link Ads: Allows you to easily download a WP plugin to integrate Text Link Ads with your site.
  2. Adsense Earnings: Allows you to display your earnings (and adjust date ranges) with adsense right in your WP administration panel.
  3. CG-InBetween: Allows you to display ads in between posts as you determine. You can also display other types of information such as a PHP code, images, HTML, etc.
  4. Feed Footer: Let’s you add advertisments to the footer of your RSS feed posts..

Download Monitor Plug-ins

  1. Download Counter – Very simple plugin that counts the number of times a file has been downloaded.
  2. WordPress Download Monitor – Offers additional features compared to the former plugin with the ability to change download stat numbers, reupload files, ability to display popular, recent and random downloads in your theme.