Photography around Auburn, AL


Auburn is a city in Lee County, Alabama, United States. It is the largest city in eastern Alabama with a 2013 population of 58,582. It is a principal city of the Auburn-Opelika Metropolitan Area. The Auburn-Opelika, AL MSA with a population of 150,933, along with the Columbus, GA-AL MSA and Tuskegee, Alabama, comprises the greater Columbus-Auburn-Opelika, GA-AL CSA, a region home to 501,649 residents. Auburn is a college town and is the home of Auburn University. Auburn has been marked in recent years by rapid growth, and is currently the fastest growing metropolitan area in Alabama and the nineteenth-fastest growing metro area in the United States since 1990. The following photos are from my hand at photography and I hope you find them as intriguing as I do.

Photography at Chewacla State Park, Auburn, AL


Chewacla State Park’s 696 scenic acres is a quick stop right off interstate 85 at Auburn, AL. The facilities include a 26-acre lake, swimming area, playgrounds, hiking trails, mountain biking trails, a modern campground, picnic areas with tables, grills and shelters, and newly renovated cabins. If you have the opportunity to visit in Fall or early Winter, I am sure that you will find the colors amazing. This park is not as large as other State Parks that I have visited over the years, but it is a great place to spend the day with the family or taking photos. The following photos are from my hand at photography and I hope you find them as intriguing as I do.  

Security via obfuscation: MAC Address


Every network interface card has a unique 48 bit identifier known as a MAC address. This address is burned into the EEPROM on the card, and often is used by networking equipment to track users as they come and go, frequently associating MAC address to a hotel, credit card, credentials, and so on. In fact, even most consumer gear will record the MAC addresses of all computers that have ever issued DHCP requests to them, and these logs usually cannot be purged. When you combine this with the fact that most Cable/DSL service providers will also record your MAC address and bind it to your account, and the fact that some of them don’t even seem to wait for a court order to turn your info over, it becomes apparent that your MAC address essentially is your identify, but I of course disagree with this! One particularly useful hack is to change your MAC address. This can be useful if you want to make it a bit more difficult to track your device down. Thus, changing your MAC address is highly desirable for a number of reasons. If you curious about finding the manufacturer and location of a given MAC …

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